Hurried Handouts #2

Here’s an interesting handout I did for our now paused/retired Luquin Sea campaign.

The whole handout simply didn’t mean anything, it was one huge red herring! I used a Wacom tablet and pen to spend part of my lunch break scribbling as much nonsense as humanly possible.

This drove my players mad for ages.
Click to see all the nonsense in detail.

Excuse the blood but it came from the corpse of someone that had just tried to kidnap the party’s Dragonborn fighter.

The background, paper, blood and shadows account for about two minutes of time. A half hour of scribbling later and I’ve got a handout that my players keep coming back to. They were convinced that there must be something in it, why would I have spent time drawing it otherwise?

I would recommend the odd red herring now and then for your campaign. Never before have I had a handout that has been discussed more, it was hard to keep a straight face at times. Well they know now if they are reading!

Has anyone else had fun with an evil red herring?

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